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My Bookings

Book our first 1 hour consultation together below.

I welcome multiple members of the family as part of the process, understanding that health for families is crowded and complex. 

I take time to understand your health history, food journey, health issues and health goals, so we can articulate your health goals. 

Follow ups will be booked after each consultation, and are a half hour.

  • Our first hour on our health journey together (on Mondays) at The Land...

    1 hr

    150 Australian dollars
  • A 15min call, so I can navigate the program that will work for you.

    15 min

  • Get that Gut feeling, 1 hour consult plus 6 follow ups and Microba Gut...

    1 hr

    999 Australian dollars
  • Initial one hour consult online (Tuesday + Friday) for those outside t...

    1 hr

    120 Australian dollars

Informed Microba Practitioner

I am an Informed Practitioner with Microba. I use Insight™ gut microbiome analysis as a valuable tool to provide in-depth information on your unique gut microbiome to better inform clinical decision-making with evidence-based insights. Working alongside you with your at home test results, we have opportunity to assess, improve, and monitor your gut microbiome and explore insights to better inform your lifestyle choices.

Mention 'Microba Insight' analysis when booking an appointment.


My Consultations

I offer one on one consultations, specialised programs and express consults. I recommend booking in for a 15 minute complimentary discovery call allowing us to get to know each other and help me understand which type of consult or program will suit you best and help you the most. My clinical and personal experience make up the perfect combination of expertise and empathy to support you on your sustainable journey to health and well-being. Book an initial consultation or a complimentary discovery call now.

Fruit Dessert

My Passion

My biggest passion in my Nutrition practice, has been born from my life experiences and my innate desire to help people. I can't help but help! My difference as a holistic practitioner, is I honestly care about understanding your goals, teasing out your actual motivations and developing a considered but flexible plan together to achieve your goals to realise a sustainable health journey, for the long term. I'm passionate about a client-centred, individual approach and combine intuitive eating techniques and investigative pathology to do just that.

Tropical Fruits

My Specialties

I concentrate on the whole family, recognising it's a complex dynamic. I support babies, kids, teens, mums and dads and our elders. I specialise in reestablishing and building connection with food, enjoying eating and realising nutrition as a form of self care for your mind and body. I take care in supporting you through disease or illness with practical and individual nutritional and supplementary therapy and investigative pathology. 

My Principles

Relationship with Food

Sustainable, always

Above all, safe

All consultations will be confirmed via your preferred email or text, and I'll sneak in a reminder prior as well. All programs and consultations are payable via payment portal only. Programs are charged upfront and are subject to availability. Please, cancellations or rescheduling requires 24 hours notice. I'll endeavour to give you the same notice.

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