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Do you have questions around illness and disease? Do you want real and realisable answers related to food?

Scroll down to find the answers to frequently asked nutrition questions, created by a Certified Practicing Nutritionist.

  • What foods help with Thyroid?
    The thyroid is a complex organ, to support it's functioning it's important to have adequate selenium, iodine, iron, zinc and tyrosine. Selenium rich foods are sweet potato, brazil nuts. Iodine rich foods are cows milk, oysters and wakame. Iron rich foods are red meats, green leafy vegetables. Zinc rich foods are pepitas, eggs. Tyrosine rich foods are bananas, soy and avocado.
  • What foods are best for good mood?
    Foods that nourish your microbiome, that are anti-inflammatory and precursors to neurotransmitters give you the best chance at increasing your mood. When your mircobiome is harmonised, more serotonin will be made, increasing your good mood. Oats, fruit, vegetables, legumes, beans, cultured foods and water. Anti-inflammatory foods like oily fish, avocados, nuts, eggs, seeds and whole grains dampen inflammation and support stress. And B vitamins high in fruit and vegetables are precursors to neurotransmitters that keep your happy and calm hormones in your brain firing efficiently, contributing to good mood.
  • What foods help with menopause symptoms?
    Soy based products like tofu and soy milk help to alleviate menopause symptoms due to their oestrogen mimicking properties. Plant fibres like beans and legumes also help. And finally meals that have both protein and carbohydrates combined help with stabilising blood sugar, weight gain and hunger.
  • What foods help with bleeding gums?
    Foods high in vitamin B and C are required for bleeding gums. Colourful fruit and vegetables especially capsicum is where you'll find these vitamins.
  • What foods help with high cholesterol?
    The best foods to help lower cholesterol are oats/porridge, psyllium and beans and legumes.
  • What foods help with immunity?
    Foods that are high in anti-inflammation and foods rich in vitamin D and Zinc help with up-regulating immunity. Oily fish, eggs, avocado, nuts and seeds contribute.

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