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Bookings + Services

Book our consultation together below.

Choose from the funded and privately rebated options.

I welcome multiple members of the family as part of the process, understanding that health for families is crowded and complex. 

I take time to understand your health history, food journey, health issues and health goals, to articulate your health goals and create a plan. 

Follow ups will be booked after each consultation, and are half an hour.

Services at The Family Nutritionist

Private Clients

I am located at The Landing Space in Forresters Beach, offering face to face and online sessions. Use the booking portal below to create our first or follow session together. 

Private Health Care Rebates

I am eligible for health fund rebates. Contact your health fund to understand the rebate benefits. After our session, I will provide you with a payment receipt for you to claim with your private health fund.

NDIS Funding

I provide capacity building nutritional therapy to plan managed and self managed NDIS clients. I offer packages to help with your planning and satisfy your needs. Contact me directly to discuss or book. 


Meal Prep Mondays

All consultations are booked and paid upfront via online portal Healthbank and confirmed via email. You will receive a reminder 24 hours before our scheduled appointment. Please understand, cancellations or rescheduling requires 24 hours notice. Cancellation within this timeframe will attract fees. If cancellation is unavoidable due to sickness or emergency, please call me so we can reschedule (I totally understand).

Informed Microba Practitioner

I am an Informed Practitioner with Microba. I use Insight™ gut microbiome analysis as a valuable tool to provide in-depth information on your unique gut microbiome to better inform clinical decision-making with evidence-based insights. Working alongside you with your at home test results, we have opportunity to assess, improve, and monitor your gut microbiome and explore insights to better inform your lifestyle choices.

Mention 'Microba Insight' analysis when booking an appointment.

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