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I'm the Central Coast's first Family Nutritionist.

I'm here to provide care and advice on anything and everything related to food and nutrition for illness, disease and relationship with food, to support the health and vitality of your family. 

I'm a ferd - food nerd

I'm a Nutritionist that is all about eating, celebrating the ceremony around eating, and being thankful and respectful for where that meal came from. You'll always find this philosphy infused in my treatment planning with you, free from diet culture, weight stigma and food elimination. 

I'm a Certified Practicing Nutritionist and Allied Health Professional with a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine from Endeavour College. I call the Central Coast of NSW my home, in our beach house with my divine husband, gorgeous children + snobby bischoodle pup. 


I’ve been helping others all my life. From coaching and umpiring on the Netball Courts as a young Megan, to volunteering in Ethiopia in my mid twenties, to accepting the role of a Step Mum, to becoming a Mum myself, and to caring for my Mother in Law living with Alzheimers. I just really like people, connecting with people and I genuinely like helping people. So it’s no wonder I love practising as a Nutritionist, as I get to help people everyday in their journey to sustainable health and wellbeing. 


I specialise in family health, which means anything from shopping and preparing meals for the family, to focussing on functional foods to help with illness, disease, recurring sickness, behaviour, inflammation - tailoring treatment specifically to client preferences and life stage. 

I cultivate wellness from tiny to wise. 


So, please, get to know me, check out my site, and have a look at My Bookings page.

To organise a consult, NDIS package or a discovery call click the button below. I look forward to meeting you soon.​​



0449 966 204



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