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What spice goes with what?

My Mum and Dad gave me a new toy for Christmas - it’s a pressure cooker! I’ve never owned one, only seen it getting a work-out on Masterchef. I’m salivating at the possibilities I can create and excited about experimenting with different flavours and cuisines. I trust my tastebuds and my knowledge of flavours, and love going rogue on a recipe and being playful. However, I’m sensitive that playing with flavours and not following a recipe can sound like a disaster to some. So I wanted to share some classic flavour combinations that will always work - except of course if you’re one of those that run a mile from coriander. Please, please excuse any reference to coriander (and sorry for the offence!).

So use one or a couple of flavours in your next creation - you don't want to use too many, keep it simple. Something like sage and lemon with chicken, or plain paprika with white fish, cinnamon on baked sweet potato, or fennel and thyme with pork

What's also amazing about these flavour combinations, are the nutritional and antioxidant benefits they boast as well. Garlic and oregano have amazing antibacterial properties, turmeric and ginger have wonderful anti-inflammatory properties, sage has lovely anti-microbial properties and rosemary has cognitive boosting properties.

So not only do trying and combining herbs and spices in your meals make food taste even better, you're giving yourself and your family a little extra boost of nutrients and antioxidants at the same time.

If you want to know more about food and how it can help your health, I offer one on one consultations at my clinic room in Forresters Beach. Click the button below to connect and make an appointment.

If you want to see an example of me using my Pressure Cooker for the first time (doing my Asian Pulled Pork), head to my IG account.

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