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Teriyaki Sushi Bowl

Holey Wakame! I had zero time to make dinner last night, so in the time it took me to cook the rice in the rice cooker, and for Art to set the table and help me with cucumber slicing, this deconstructed Teriyaki Sushi Bowl was miraculously created! I admittedly forgot to include the edamame beans I was craving, but I'll have them with the leftovers today for lunch. I totally used a teriyaki marinade and a pre cooked BBQ chicken to make this meal happen, and I'm totally ok with that. I can't always make everything from scratch, and I'm satisfied that this meal was made with love, intention and help from my son.


• BBQ chicken

• lug of Teriyaki marinade (Obento)

• sprinkle sesame seeds

• 2x shallots

• ice berg lettuce

• avocado

• cucumber

• edamame either frozen or canned

• nori sheets

• 2 cups cooked rice (1.5 cups raw)

• fried shallots, wasabi and soy sauce to serve and season


• get the rice in the rice cooker first

• tear off enough chicken for your family (I used about 4 handfuls for 3 adults and 2 kids) and place in a hot pan

• coat the chicken with teriyaki sauce and fry for 1 minute

• turn to medium heat and sprinkle with sesame seeds

• organise the edamame if frozen in the microwave in some water, or open the can if canned

• ask a small child to set the table

• chop enough cucumber, lettuce, avocado and shallots for your family (I used 1 whole cucumber, 3 lettuce leaves, 1.5 avocados and 2 shallots)

• keep tossing and coating the chicken

• tear 2 nori sheets up into small pieces

• the rice should be cooked so start building your bowls with all the ingredients

• add some soy and wasabi to taste and also sprinkle with fried shallots

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