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Get to know me - this Knowvember

I'm celebrating my first year at the beautiful Landing Space in November. Woo! I love a celebration, so during November I'm inviting you to get to know me, and calling it Knowvember! Clever right?
So every Tuesday in November, come join me for Knowvember.

It's an opportunity for anyone who has questions about Nutrition, about food, about why you see a Nutritionist, what a Nutritionist can do for you, anything!

So I invite you to come to Knowvember open mornings at The Landing Space, celebrate my first year at The Landing Space and join me for a free cupcake and coffee.
930-1100am | Tuesday 8, 15 and 22 November
@ The Landing Space, 4/33 Forresters Beach Rd, Forresters Beach
First 10 friends will share free cupcakes + coffee

See you there xxx

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