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8 foods to ease acid reflux

I’ve had lots of questions from you about that horrible burning feeling in your throat experienced during the day and often at night, and wondering what to do about it. That feeling is most likely symptoms associated with acid reflux and more seriously GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease). It is particularly common in our older members and it’s hugely uncomfortable, I really feel for anyone experiencing it. My advice as a Nutritionist is initially to absolutely seek medical advice and let your GP know the symptoms being experienced. Your GP will assess symptoms, diagnose and prescribe accordingly, and perhaps investigate further.

My recommendations as a Nutritionist, is using particular foods as a weapon to help ease symptoms related to acid reflux. If it’s you or a loved one you’re caring for experiencing these kinds of symptoms, start to encourage these foods gradually in your day to day. I’ve created a list of them with a sneaky recipe so you can jump into including them right now. There are also a bunch of foods that you should start to take out of your day to day, with the understanding that gradually taking away these foods (that you probably love sorry!) will help to ease symptoms and make you feel really good.

A good idea to bring awareness to how you’re feeling and to understand the changes you are making are actually working, is to write little notes each day on what you’ve been eating and what sort of symptoms you’re experiencing. And hopefully you start to notice you actually feel a lot better.

Foods to reach for to ease acid reflux symptoms

• Oats

• Ginger

• Lean white meats

• Green veg

• Eggs

• Beans/lentils

• Fruits that ARE NOT citrus

• Avocados

And these are the foods that you should start limiting and omitting from your day to day

• Spicy foods

• Fried foods

• Fatty foods

• Citrus foods

• Lots of milk

• Creamy sauces

• Tomatoey dishes

• Mint

• Alcohol

• Caffeine

I also want to encourage some lifestyle changes you can make to help you feel more comfortable and hopefully ease some of those symptoms

• Don’t eat before going to bed (at least 3-4 hours)

• Avoid tight clothing around your abdomen

• Create more movement in your day

• Drink more water, up to 2L per day

• Eat slowly and chew food

• Sit at a table with a knife and fork in each hand

• Avoid smoking

And here's a recipe you can enjoy for breakfast or lunch

Two Egg Omelette with Spinach and Avocado


• 2 eggs

• frozen spinach or handful of fresh baby spinach

• 1/2 avocado

• 1 tbsp olive oil


• heat oil in a hot pan

• lightly whisk 2 eggs, add to pan and create a full circle of egg mixture

• turn to a med-hot heat

• add spinach to one half of the full circle

• cook for 1-2mins

• flip the other half of the egg over the spinach

• cook for another 30 seconds

• serve omelette with 1/2 avocado together

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