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7 Protein Rich Foods to increase daily protein intake

There's a convoluted formula around protein intake, it has numbers, it focusses on weight and like I say it's really complicated, and unnecessary. For me, it dilutes the actual goal of increasing protein rich foods to elevate health and wellbeing in our elderly cared ones. It makes the whole situation clunky and disempowering. This can create a cascade of negative emotions, lead to non-compliance, fear and failure. And because we're scared, rather than introduce a couple delicious foods to increase protein intake to elevate health and wellbeing, we reach for an un-foody alternative, a protein powder, replace a meal and risk losing our connection with real food.

So I'm proposing, (of course only if possible within your and your cared one's situation), take the formula out of it, and trust yourself on this one. Trust that a couple of different protein rich food introductions will help you increase overall protein, to elevate nutrition and wellbeing. And hopefully this minimises any anxiety around formulas, weight, pressure, second guessing.

I do just want to acknowledge that I absolutely empathise that introducing new foods might not be achievable and protein supplementation might be the best option for you, and that's ok. I provide this advice as universal, with the deepest intention of cultivating and maintaining a relationship with food, increasing protein for health and reducing anxiety around weight and numbers. If have a one on one with, this kind of advice would be personally tailored to you and your cared one ❤️

So here are some yummy and fairly convenient protein rich foods to introduce to your cared one, right now

> instant oats

> rice pudding

> fortified yoghurt

> canned beans

> quinoa in stews

> eggs any style

> cottage cheese

There are 7 here, try a new one daily, or try one of a weekend, or just on Mondays. You know your cared one best, so experiment and see how you go. I’ve tried to make them as friendly as possible for any symptoms or allergies.

I hope they find you well.

Yours in care and nutrition


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