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it's all about elevating nutrition and wellbeing in our elderly loved ones



elevating nutrition + wellbeing in our elderly loved ones helping them to live well and independently at home for as long as they can

  • Meet with me, a Certified Practising Nutritionist and Carer

  • Available for family consultations via Zoom or Face to Face (Central Coast NSW only) 

  • Consultations range between 1hour and 30 minutes

  • Includes an online questionnaire to gather current and previous health info (taking out that onerous repetition) 

  • Receive experienced and expert advice from a Certified Practising Nutritionist 

  • Individually tailored nutrition + wellbeing planning created wholly for your older loved one

  • Lifestyle + History considerations that ensure our plan works

  • Goal focussed therapy that help achieve elder wellbeing - wELDERbeing

  • Unlimited love, compassion and attention to detail 

I love working with families one on one in this space, I just only have the capacity to work with a few of you at a time.

So pop your details into the form below,

and I will get back to you about starting your wELDERbeing journey. 

Can't wait to chat!

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