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So easy Cauli Rice

Cauliflowers are in season now (September), so you'll notice they're much much cheaper to buy, $2-$3 per cauli head compared to about $6 which we've seen over winter. I don't bother with them when they're that expensive and their nutrient value is compromised being out of season any way.

So if you do pick up a cauli, have a go at cauli rice. There's a bunch of different ways to do it. I've tried my hardest to make it simple as I need simple in my crazy house. I like to add turmeric for extra nutrients and a bit of colour.

You'll need an pretty powerful food processor to get through the cauli florets, and your oven for this one.


Head of cauli roughly chopped (keep the stem, don't throw it away!)

1 Tbsp turmeric fresh or grounded


Sprinkle of Salt


Throw the roughly chopped cauli in a food processor with turmeric until it resembles breadcrumbs or rice, will only take about 10-20 seconds

Spread evenly out onto an oven tray and sprinkle with oil and salt

Give it a mix through and spread evenly again

Bake on 180 for about 8 mins, take it out give it another mix and bake for another 8 mins

And that's it! Serve with your fave meal, I normally serve when I'm prepping a slow cook curry, that way everything is ready to go come dinner time.

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