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9th day of Christmas - How to make an Edible Wreath

Oh my goodness we're getting close to Christmas! The sun is definitely shining today, so I've been out there with the trimmers, the whipper snipper, the lawn mower, getting the house ready.

This afternoon we'll be recovering from our productive morning and hosting a little Chrissy get together. And what a beautiful way to do so that with a Wreath inspired cheese and charcuterie board.

You'll need a chopping/serving board, some green foliage from the garden (I used the Westringer I trimmed this morning), hard and soft cheeses, cold meats, berries and more foliage.

Place a small ring of foliage in the middle of the platter and then scatter cheese and cold meats around the outside of the folaige. I used a cranberry wensleydale cheese, an ash brie and bocconcini balls. Then I used Italian prosciuto and wild boar and truffle salami. Then place more foliage around the outside (perhaps tucking under the cheeses) to complete the wreath. Then decorate with berries and cherries. Voila, your Christmas inspired, edible wreath is complete.

I'm going to enjoy mine with a glass of bubbly! 🍾

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