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6 reasons why you don't need to do another detox diet

Our body's are insanely and intricately sensational. I'm constantly amazed about how we make millions of things happen at once, without consciously thinking about any of them! This is because we are calibrated to try and maintain a status quo, right?

Detoxification is just one of those millions of things, and one of the most amazing pathways that maintains that status quo. And did you know, our body is actually perfectly capable of detoxifying itself all on it's own? Uh huh! And there are 6 very obvious reasons why we don't need to 'detox' ourselves through expensive juice cleanses, colon therapies, lemon diets, excessive fasting and stress our bodies out with extreme hunger, resisting temptations (only to gorge on them post detox) and create an environment that probably feels worse than how you felt before the damn detox. Like the worst kind of hangover.

The 6 reasons are very simple, unbelievably obvious, fully accessible and free of charge. The 6 reasons why we don't need to go on a detox diet are;
> because of our kidneys
> because of our skin
> because of our bowels
> because of our lymphatic
> because of our lungs and finally
> because of our liver.

These organs naturally detoxify our body, especially our liver, who makes sure that anything harmful that comes in becomes harmless, and is then swiftly removed. Genius.

So rather than looking for the next un-proven, expensive, way-out detox diet, simply support your body's natural detoxifying strengths. Easy! Here's what to do;
> eat whole foods and good quality proteins as much as possible
> incorporate more anti inflammatory foods
> increase fibre and prebiotics fibres
> forage for local and organic produce as much as you can
> hydrate with lots of water
> take time to breath fully and presently
> move your body freely
> have restful and enough sleep and
> remove obvious toxins in the home such as plastics, soaps, fragrances, smoke, dust etc.

There's honestly very little evidence that any "detox diets" actually achieve any benefit comparable to what our body is already so good at naturally doing. So by purely supporting our body's natural detox powerhouses, and intuitively leaning in on and reflecting on how our body is feeling, you will feel a difference. Give it go.

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