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5th Day of Christmas - FREE RECIPE The Classic Trifle

We're heading to a good friends barbie today, bringing a plate, swimmers and festivities! I put my hand straight up in the WhatsApp and offered to make a trifle. A classic trifle.

It reminds me so much of Christmas growing up in the 80s and 90s at my cousins house. They had a pool so we always celebrated Christmas there. They also had a real Christmas tree which I thought was so gucci. After presents and a swim, we sat at a long mismatched table for lunch on their pristine lawn, under the shade of a crinkly blue tarp perched over the washing line. And my Aunty always made a big trifle. She did however put flaked almonds on the top, which I hated, but I never ever said anything. I'd eat the top layer first (with the almonds), and save the jam sponge rolls until last. Ah-mazing.

So today, I've created a very classic, very simple Trifle, without flaked almonds (even though I love them now, but 9 year old me just can't do it). I dare you to make it too and take it to a friends barbie, and I guarantee there will be many stories shared about trifle memories, experiences and twists on the recipe.

• 2 punnets strawberries
• red jelly crystals (follow instructions on the packet)
• 2 packets of jam sponge rolls from Woolies
• canned passionfruit pulp
• 500ml - 1L custard
• 600ml thickened cream for whipping

• Grab a large, deep glass bowl and create jelly in the bowl following instructions on the packet.
• Cut 1 punnet of strawberries in halves and when the jelly has returned to room temperature, place the strawberries in the jelly. Refrigerate overnight.
• Remove the bowl from the fridge.
• Slice the jam sponge rolls into threes, and begin to layer them over the jelly, make sure the scroll is showing on the outer of the glass so you can see the scroll from the outside. (Make sure you have leftovers, as there is another layer).
• Pour the passionfruit over the jam sponge rolls.
• Pour the custard over the jam sponge rolls to give a good thick layer, depending on the size of your bowl you may need more than 250ml.
• Create another layer of jam sponges following the same pattern, scroll to the outside.
• Pour the remaining custard over the sponges to create another thick layer, and place in the fridge for 30 minutes.
• Whip the cream and cover the trifle with the cream, giving it a nice dome finish.
• Sprinkle with more strawberries and serve!

For more recipes and food positivity this Christmas, follow my 12 days of Christmas by subscribing below.

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