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4th Day of Christmas - How to Intuitively Enjoy and Celebrate food on Christmas Day

For me, Christmas is about love, magic, celebrating, reflecting, giving thanks, coming together and sharing food. And usually our celebrations involve a lot of food - for which I am utterly so grateful for! And I want to acknowledge that for some people the anticipation of a lot of food is scary and for others it's totally exciting for so many diverse and relevant reasons.
So for the 4th day of Christmas I want to share some gentle, intuitive practices for everyone to consider around food. For those of us who carry worry around food, and for those of us who might put their foot in their mouth around the table without realising, I invite you to take time to read the following and reflect.

1. You may eat and enjoy your meal free from judgement of how much you're eating, without talking about calories, and without equating your meal to the amount of exercise that is needed as a result of eating. Enjoy, share and savour your meal.
2. You may eat and enjoy your meal free from judgement and how much you're eating, without proclaiming commitment to an imminent diet. Enjoy, share and savour your meal.
3. You have permission to serve yourself again, and again if you feel like it without apology, without guilt.
4. Equally, you also have permission to reflect on and respect your fullness, even when someone coerces you to have seconds.
5. You are entitled to say "no thank you" without an excuse when offered second helpings.
6. Please respect, it's not up to you to coerce someone to eat past their fullness, even if it's a speciality meal you have made.
7. You have permission to eat Pavlova for breakfast if that's what you feel like doing, full stop.

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The above was adapted from Evelyn Tribole - CoFounder Intuitive Eating

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